Let me start off by saying I feel like a complete kook for even asking this question, but I am in need of some direction. I normally surf gilgo or long beach. Long beach is my go to spot but on days where im left praying the swell will be big enough to be worth it ill head to gilgo since its generally a tad bigger. With the dredging going on at gilgo iv been only going to long beach until today. Today I decided to head to Robert moses to give it a shot. The forecast wasn't the greatest but im surf deprived and was hoping it would be atleast rideable. My plan was to walk down to demo but after giving the waves a check first I decided it wasn't worth the mile walk and id just surf where ever it was breaking best for an hour before I had to head home to get ready for work. Long story short I didn't have a good day.

now I realize conditions weren't all too good and the spot I was at today could possibly be a blast with better conditions. But I feel like my sand bar (RIP) at gilgo would of been and has been fun on days like today. So im wondering where the better sand bars at moses are. Like I said I feel like a kook asking this on a forum and would really rather do some driving around and searching to find the better spots myself. The reason im asking is because I like to paddle out for sunrise, get my surfing in and head to work with little time wasted driving around checking spots. Especially with the lack of swell that we have had. If anyone could let me know what field/fields some of the better sand bars are at id really appreciate it and if its on the west or east side. If not ill have to wait for a day off and do some searching on my own. Thanks in advance