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    im gonna be there in two lookin for a little info.i have been to rincon 4 times in the last 5-6 yrs. i know that place well.this is goin to be the first time my 12 yr old son surfs down there.hes good in stom to chest nc surf, probably bigger on a good point. any suggestions for spots? i hear wildo and surfers as long as not too big. im not sure of spots in town cuz i heard they are usually real shallow. jetty looks fun but super crowded.any info on good eats.we are stayin up the hill overlookin crash boats.any local gus who rent boards?i know about the surf shops, but i like to deal with locals as much as possible.any help would be appreciated! <br />.

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    jobos beach in isabela, and as far as surfboards Werner Vega at Hang Loose surf shop is right around the corner from that beach

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    Surf zone shop is right before steps, surfers and wilderness. Jobos is nice as well.