Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a bit trying to gather all the information I can. I'm essentially new to surfing and hoping to get a little board advice. I used to live in south Florida a few years ago and have surfed maybe a dozen or so times over the years. I'm moving back and would like to get more into surfing. I currently have a ton of board-sport experience. I am not bad at wakeboarding and a pretty good snowboarder(get 35-45 days a year). I think I want to go with a fish shape, but would like to hear some opinions. I want a board that I can ride in the small mush crap that southeast Florida normally has. I'm also looking for something fun I can toss around and ride some bigger waves with when available(not opposed to traveling on weekends for good waves). This has lead me to a fish shape board. Any advice on dimensions(I'm 6' 165 lbs), or another type of board all together? I would like it to be somewhat conductive to learning, but I imagine I'll pick it up quick between my past experience and all my current board-sport experience. Also if anyone knows of any good locations in the south Florida area(Delray/Boca/Deerfield) I would appreciate the tip! Open to any and all inputs. Looking forward to joining you all out in the water soon.