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    Best advice I can give is not to surf.. it sucks. Your wasting valuable time that could be spent with your loved ones, or tanning your hide on the beach. Or better yet, go fishing.
    Just kidding. that was me trying to keep another soul out of the water on those good days.
    A fish is a good bet. It was my first board. I'd say get something in the 6'0 or shorter range since you are pretty light. If you get well acquainted with your board, you will be happy you didn't go bigger. But twin, quad or thruster is your next question.

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    Thanks for all the great input guys. I will take a look at the mentioned shapers....I sure do have a lot of choices now. I currently travel up to 3 1/2hrs on a good snow day so driving up to central FL for good waves once in a while isn't out of the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech420 View Post
    ...have surfed maybe a dozen or so times over the years. I'm moving back and would like to get more into surfing. I currently have a ton of board-sport experience. I am not bad at wakeboarding and a pretty good snowboarder(get 35-45 days a year). ...
    don't know about wakeboarding (tried it and hated it), but snowboarding is hardly like surfing. Don't get me wrong, I love snowboarding (get 20 days a year, all deep CA powder days, and I'm pretty good), but the dynamics just aren't the same as surfing...not to mention all the other aspects that make surfing so much more difficult. It took me 2 seasons to get good on a snowboard...but took me over 10 years to surf really well.

    I also think surfing really small/mushy waves is even more difficult because they're harder to paddle into and take more knowledge to juice the most speed out of them. Then, factor in that smaller waves attract more beginners (as if the warm water down there doesn't already attract more people than anywhere else on the planet). You're going to have a lot to deal with...on top of the already steep surfing learning curve.

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    sisurfdogg, yes, thanks for putting that in there! Kechele is also one of the top dogs! He's definitely one of the masters and I'm embarrassed I didn't remember to put him in there with the others. His boards are not only fine art but he really builds his to last. You can literally pick up one of his boards and feel the difference! I think his standard is like 6-4-6 which really holds together well. I've owned many Kechele's, one of my fav was the "Flip Tip Quick Release Nose" thruster. The thing had rocker like a Pringles potato chip! I loved the extreme tail rocker he used to do too. His boards are a lot of fun!

    One day when I grow up and have lots of money I'm going to put together a quiver of the masters. I really would like to have a board or two from each shaper. I have ridden them all and am kicking myself for not keeping my old boards.

    For those who want to see a master in action.....