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    Last Minute November Surf Trip

    I'd like to go out on a last minute surf trip and I'm an beginner/intermediate surfer. Ideal conditions for me are chest to head-high left. Can anyone recommend a location at this time of year that would consistently produce these conditions? I was thinking Costa Rica or Nicaragua.
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    Puerto Rico is pretty good this time of year. PR is a good trip to go on as far as last minute. You can get super cheap flights out of Orlando and Miami and its like an hour or so away.

    Costa and Nicaragua are good too. I wouldn't recommend Nicaragua if you aren't somewhat experienced. Not that its insane or like "Chopes" or "Pipe" but there is a lot of reef, rocks, etc... Costa has more mellow beach breaks to choose from.

    Also depends who you are traveling with. If you are bringing your lady I would also direct you more toward Costa then Nica.

    Another really good option would be El Salvador down to the east coast. Las Flores is a killer little place down there and there's many different breaks to choose from. Also lady friendly! There's some really nice places to stay down there and a lot of them are all inclusive so you don't have to pay for anything while you are down there.

    Weigh your options and then check ticket prices. This time of year, last minute, airfare will probably dictate where you are going to surf. I think November is the busiest as far as people flying throughout the year. Check back, let us know what you find.

  4. we have availability at the end of November. we are located in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica. get in touch for more info/pricing/etc. not sure where your flying from but usually flights are pretty reasonable this time of year.

    PS - the surf has been firing (yes lefts)