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Thread: New to surfing

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    New to surfing

    Hello all,

    OK so i went surfing for the first time last weekend and I rented a longboard. I got up on the board a few times only to fall off afterwards. It just felt like I didn't have enough momentum to keep moving along the water with the wave.

    I'm not a fan of renting a surfboard for multiple reasons and I would like to get my own to save me money in the long run. I have a surfboard in mind that I really want to buy but i'm not sure if I'm making a big mistake. I plan on getting the hybrid fun board from degree 33. Link below.[/URL]

    My reasons for choosing this board is so that I can have a single board to learn on and connect with and also to save money. I'll save money by not having to keep renting a board and also so I won't have to buy a new board once I learn a longboard (if I were to learn the traditional way). I'm also limited to about this size for transportation purposes. (the board in the link is 7 foot 6 in).

    I'm about 6 foot 2 in. tall and I weigh 180 pounds.

    So will this board be impossible for me to learn on? Or will it only be slightly more difficult than a gigantic 9 foot board?

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    "Hello" thread part 2!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    "Hello" thread part 2!!!
    Due to lots of various assorted surf sessions had by most participants in the recent few hours/days, the vitrol seems to be at an ebb. My best advice is to score a 7'6" fun shape, start a thread with a go pro on your progress, and take whatever abuse you receive with gratitude. A small trolling motor can be helpful in getting out during the big swells.

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    Buy a new or used 9' soft top longboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Buy a new or used 9' soft top longboard.
    Worst advice ever. Learning on a softop is like learning how to drive a car with a scooter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffer View Post
    Worst advice ever. Learning on a soft-top is like learning how to drive a car with a scooter.
    RHCP: I've only been at this for just a little over a year now, so I''m not really qualified to be giving much in the way of surfing guidance. But for me right now, it's still about wave count. Whatever it takes: scooter, tricycle, upside-down coffee table.
    I rode a used and beat-up 8-4, very high volume beginner board for 11 months before attempting to transition down to 7-0. Perhaps too big a jump, but it was a high volume board as well. After 7 weeks (late Aug-mid October), going out at least 4X/week and catching only the occasional wave, I went back to my longer board. Surf conditions were generally not good when I went out on the 7-0, and maybe I didn't stick with it long enough; but I'm catching and riding waves again and having fun. For me at 58, that's what matters most. I'll be looking for a longboard during the next year. That's just me though.

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    7'6 is a good size for your height. My first board was a 5'2. I'm 6'5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    7'6 is a good size for your height. My first board was a 5'2. I'm 6'5.
    Yeah............ Wait.............what!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Yeah............ Wait.............what!?
    I traded my roommate a couch for it. A twin fin by Don Smith of Hawaii. All you could see of me was my head when sitting in the line up. Went to a 7'2" after that. it was those old kung fu movies where they tie heavy crap to the students, and after they're taken off the guy whoops arse.

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    I'm a week out of a surf sesh, granted my last was stokey as can be in SD. Glad you brahs have been shotting the schitt out of swells though. I've resorted to the asphalt for time spent working on "those low maneuvers from the pages of Surfer magazine" with various power slides and such. Even hit an indoor park the other night. Heck, it ain't gonna hurt my surf game.

    A 7'6 will be great for you new charger. I had a HPSB for a month before smartening up and jumping on a 7'4 that got me my real start. You'll be able to catch a fair amount of bumps that come your way and you won't exactly be left cruising on a New Zealander either. Good mix. Get stoked!