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    After you learn on this it will still be fun to keep around and ride once you add a shortboard to your quiver. Either a 7'6" or 7'4" would be a decent place to start- and it's re-sale value will hold up better than the other board you've looked at. (This is coming from my perspective of 50 years in the water riding Long, then short, then long again; guns, funboards, mini-guns, fish, dumpster divers, sponges for a time, step-decks, flex tails, Bonzers, Performers, Propper Models, and now Channin mini-longboards and 7'6" thrusters. '68-'72 Weber Team OCMD) It's just about putting in the necessary water-time. Don't go cheap, but buy a good board with decent volume, clean lines and a good reputation for build quality. You'll be glad you did. Let shape and dimensions/floatation take priority over graphics, and then if you want to burn extra cash, browse the graphics.
    Now THIS is a fun board.
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