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Thread: A wooden fish

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    I tried to download instagram and it won't let me cause my phone is lame.
    Charles, any chance you can post a couple pics in a different format?

    I'm def a fan, would love to see the finished product.

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    Nevermind, looked from my wife's account.
    Excellent work!

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    I think itd be cool to get into making boards. That board looks nice and i have a board with 6 channels but it's a round tail my friend has a fish with 2 channels that I've ridden

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    Here's some shots of the parallel profile fish. Thought I'd put up a few more shots so we can all try to wrap the brain around parallel profile and how your entire board is the rocker curve with a constant rail. In this case with my fish I tapered the rail towards the tail (tapered the rail and not the thickness) My expectations with this fish is that it will be very fast, loose, and remarkably pleasant with the constant 50/50 as it blends into the constant 60/40. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    Charles how much ? I will come to Maine and purchase that from you. That's the sickest looking fish, heck i would try that with my kite but it might not have enough nose rocker for that.

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    Good work Charles, nicely done. I think I'm gonna pick me up a fish for the gutless summertime time stuff.

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    Sweet, the fin setup suits it.