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    killer boards as always!

  2. Finished up a couple more stock boards & have adjusted pricing on the previous boards posted:

    5'6" Keel Fish, features a single to double concave with glassed on cedar keel fins. $635

    5'3" Small Wave Machine, features an 80's outline with thumb tail, double barrel concave similar to CI Average Joe SOLD!!!

    5'5" Double Stub, features a simmons inspired outline with a single to double concave & 5-fin setup. $495

    6'1" Pintail Stub, a great user friendly single fin that is fast, holds in the pocket, & turns on a dime $515.00
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    the outlines remind me a lot of christenson. really nice stuff there man.

  4. Thanks, Chris is definitely an inspiration to me as a shaper.

  5. 5'3" Small Wave Machine is SOLD!

  6. Couple more used boards:

    5'6" Single Fin, good condition, features a fuller outline & double barrel concave. $275

    5'11" Seeker, good condition, designed for steeper beach/point breaks. Best for stomach to overhead surf. $325

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    My first board was just like the top twin fin. In the 70's, I traded a couch for it. It was a Don Smith of Hawaii. It would look just like it if you took a red hot awl and skewered a hole in the tail for a bungee cord. Mine was also 5'2". I'm 6'5" and was 225. My head was the only thing above water.