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    it sucks that Future doesn't list fin sweep. Unless someone knows another (inexpensive) way, one would have to tediously overlay the stock fin shots in photoshop to get any sort of idea.

    anyway, if it's an issue, the EA are slightly larger than the WCT and almost as upright/pivoty. They would be a good compromise between the AM and WCT. The EA came stock in my Rusty Piranha and I liked them.
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    Any reviews on those Edge Core fin knockoffs that are kicking around SD? Asian made and cheaply priced. Hearing they're ok.

    Got a set of Shapers fins (someone mentioned them earlier) when I was out there in September and their lower priced thruster set suited me fine. Then again, I'm not likely at the point yet where fins matter much.

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    I'm just a run of the mill surfer guy, not an expert by any means. But i'll say this all boards and fins will work different for most all people. Surfing is an individualist sport, you gotta find what feels good to you.

    If you are really looking for advice for your particular area try talkin with the local ripper guys and surf shops to see what they ride. Then make your decision from there.


    my quiver: 9'7" single fin noserider shaped by my buddy, 5'7" quad fin Sean Ordonez Shapes Slushi (rasta quads set up), 5'3" twin fin (future T1 set up) shaped by myself, and 7' thruster semi gun shaped by my buddy (MB1 set up)

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    Now to really confuse you. Worried about flex patterns? How about the way removable fins are attached to the hull? FCS use those 2 fingers to bolt them in with. Take the fins out of a well used board and look at the burn marks under the fins. The keels are wiggling, twisting and flopping around like a flounder on the deck of a boat. Lets make a high tech composite fin with a finely tuned flex pattern then attach it by these tiny little tabs. Where do you think the fin flexes most? Now they are trying to sell the tool less fin removable system? Still only attached by those weak little tabs. But now they have the chance to use the ultimate technowank - titanium rods! A heavy and complicated system that gets boogered up with salt crust pronto. Sorry FCS, you guys need to do better than that. Future sytems is a much better design but they still wiggle around especially if they are taken in and out a lot. Nothing beats a glassed on fin for simplicity and slickness. I know it sucks to travel with glass ons but they way they "grow" out of the hull just reeks of biological mimicry. Just one part (the board!) and me on my path to nirvana. Bet if that Dane Peterson dude glassed all his fins on every hero worshipper would beating (pud) down the door to get glass ons. But who would sponser him? The fin guy who gets $8 to fix them on his hulls? Wank on all you fin posers!

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    has anyone tried the fin rental route? i forgot the name of the website but it was featured in an older surf magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon View Post
    has anyone tried the fin rental route? i forgot the name of the website but it was featured in an older surf magazine.
    I know someone who swears by it. Once you dial in your board(s) you just buy the set that works. For me I just buy cheapo sets of different templates and try to buy em used and in bulk from surf shops.

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    I am building a 9'2" HPLB with a fin box and 2 FCS side bites. Any feedback on what side fins to use? I have a 8.0" True Ames Squirrel Cutaway for the center fin ( it keeps things loose ). Thanks.