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    Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto 6'4"

    Hypto for a big boy or someone that likes a little more float with the winter rubber. Best way to contact me is through c-list link,

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    friday bump

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    Will you let me borrow it next week? That would be nice of you, and I will be sure to give thanks. I have plenty of boards, but would like to use yours. I just want to surf like Ando and draw big lines on NH's wind swells.
    But on a serious note, how tall and heavy are you? I want one of these boards, but am leaning more toward a shred sled.
    Do me a favor. Throw it on the ground, make a few dings, ask for $200.00 and I'm a buyer.
    I'm not sposed to come home with any more boards costing more than a few hundred dollars. My other half frowns upon that.

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    5'10" x 195 when I bought it and coming off of a shoulder injury. I'm about 175 now and just bought another hypto but a 5'10. I like the looks of the shred sled too but also prefer a bit more volume.

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    If it was about 6" smaller I'd be all over that. I have a shred sled too and I am obsessed with the thing.