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    New surf wagon...

    This baby followed me home from the dealership this week

    2013 Xterra S, 4x4, 16MPG, $4000 below invoice

    And before emass asks, I'm paying for it myself.

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    Only 16 mpg?

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    Ahhh BCN!!! The prodigal son returns. Quite pleased to see you are graduating to big boy pants these days. We are all very proud of you.

    There better be sufficient cubic feet in the rear of that kookwhip for activities and I'm not talking about board storage. Turn those BFG's white letters in and you're stoked.

    Fine work, son. Keep up the hustle and welcome back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIsurfer View Post
    Only 16 mpg?
    What might this be...a lil sibling rivalry amongst the wee lads of SI?? Meet him at his break!!! It's not like you'd be disrupting any wave charging there at Tasket. There's just no swell at that break

    Love to see vitriol brewing with the juniors!! We've taught them well.

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    nice yuppie wagon BRAH

  6. This past september I sold my 2007 Jeep Wrangler that I put tons of money into modifying got 15000 dollars for it.... I now am the proud owner of a 1995 Dodge B2500 shorty, that I plan on living in and traveling the west coast. I got it for 1200 bucks, which would mean it has depreciated about 15gs since its birth. Even came with sick verizon decals on the side and Thule roof racks.

    oh and it gets 18mpg

  7. oh and nice nissan, I'll race ya.

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    There are no "surf wagons" anymore... That's a nice SUV, but it aint a woody

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    BWAHAHAHHAHA all that bull**** dubstep action sports marketing really worked!! HAHA you custy ass consumer calling your new action spurts uglitity vehicile a surf wagon. Brah great deal on your new polluter, thanks for the fumes and a photo so I can wax your windows.

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    Setting himself for a good ole fashion tire slash