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Thread: new board

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    new board

    hey im looking for a new board im 5'8 and 185 im looking to ride this one in bigger waves what size do you think i should go with

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    I have a 5'10" Larry Mayo fish, quad fin for sale......Brand new condish. Only surfed a couple times.

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    Jun 2008
    pensacola beach
    need more info... what kind of surf conditions, fin setup, tail???

    personally, i'd say 6'1" thumb-tail... EPS EPOXY

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    The one I have for sale is a 5'10" Larry Mayo Quad fin. Only used it twice. It's in excellent shape. It's a fairly thick board, yet surprisingly light and very loose.
    If you decide that's something you're looking for, email me on this site or send an email to
    I'll shoot some pics and give you better specs on the board.