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    The feeling "fat" epidemic

    The little known side of surfing...

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    UGHHH! :(
    It's ok man, everyone gets a little fat in the winter.

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    Every year when I put my wetsuit on the first cold front of the season it is so tight I have trouble breathing. After a few good swells I somehow seem to surf myself back into some semblance of shape to fit into the wetsuit and still be able to fully breathe. Maybe it's time to buy a new one. Or lose 5 pounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    yup, i pick up about 10 pounds every winter and i can feel it coming on now. i keep up a daily workout all year long, but the difference is coming home from work now and it's dark. now, there's no evening surf session, no after-work beach time, no pool time etc. i probably lose 2 hours of daily physical activity after DST kicks in and it adds up quick. fortunately, i drop it quick as well - i usually get my girlish figure back by May.
    Then there's all the high calorie food and snacks from Thanksgiving through the Holidays.
    I wish daylight savings time would stay effect year round. Not sure why we're still doing the DST/Standard Time thing.

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    Inhaling chips slathered with cheese & drinking beer with a funnel usually adds up to more lbs. Hit the gym, stay disciplined & you won't end up looking like The Maine Latex Rapist.
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    Carver boards. I've been charging pavement with no relent daily and nightly. Straight pumping on any ramps, hills, and inclines/declines to be found in and around town. Has blown up my leg strength and mass big time but the upper body and back is only getting so much work compared to paddling and pop-ups on the water. The core is getting crushed proper on the Carver though so that is key. All is fine and good until that snow hits and they put down the sand and gravel then bye, bye Carver. Will hit indoor parks and pools/bowls/verts in the area at that point. Getting into the skate culture insofar as it can help my surf. Bert style all the way.

    Will inevitably have to hit weight circuits in the winter but that's not a bad thing. Haven't lifted a weight in 7 months I think but haven't needed to with the surf/skate volume.

    It's all diet braddahs. All diet. Little to no booze and only 1 sloppy day of eating a week and you're stoked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Little to no booze and only 1 sloppy day of eating a week and you're stoked.
    Heresy, bro. Drink as much as you want, and give up food. Food is so 2000 and late.

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    I am the king of feeling like a fat ass. At 5'6" and jacked, I usually weigh in at 170lbs ish. The past two weeks I have been in the 175 range. At my height, if I eat a burger I can literally see the bulge in my stomach. American portions are not meant for short people. Cutting off 1/3 of your burger is not meant for men. Aint getting any younger either. Metabolism is slowing down.

    This presents another problem: volume. I need 30 liters underneath me. And I have to compromise between board length or style. I either have to get a board thats longer than I would like it to be and risk popping up too far forward, or I have to get a small wave monster thats an appropriate height. I can tell you off the top of my head some of the shapes that limits me too (Sharpeye Disco, CI Dumpster Diver, CI Weirdo Ripper, and a DHD shape at 5'8" that comes in just about 30L)...

    The remedy: A gallon of water per day, and 2 weekly nightmare days at the gym that include an hour of cardio, followed by 600 rep supersets for my upper body that leave me nearly crippled afterwards, and diet. I try to eat less than 2000 calories each day. Yogurt or fruit in the morning, apples throughout the day every 2-3 hours, and then my beast meal for dinner. I also try to flush the pipes to avoid having a poop sit in my stomach. Start your day with two warm glasses of water and a mason jar of coffee and you can guarantee you'll spend an hour on the can with your laptop scouring swellinfo before work.

    Dude, I just complained about my weight to a bunch of bros.

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    Ride The Snake!!!