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Thread: mary jane.

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    first of all, weed disables your ability to spell the word "hyper"....straight A's?

    secondly, medical marijuana is different than the typical pot-head's choice of weed, so it's not what people are using to solve medical problems

    however, you're right about the creativity part lol
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    lots of people can smoke buds without losing control, without getting lost in the lineup and without being a retard. Others can take a hit and be a total dumbass. whats best for you is not necessarily the best for someone else.

    i got straight A's in high school, graduated engineering school at the top of my class, and now have a serious engineering job which requires massive amounts of thought. I smoke almost every day. I never smoked until i was 17y/o and i am glad for that. My friends who started earlier than me got into coke, heroin and other terrible decisions which have literally ruined their lives.

    in my experience, if you need to do more than smoke pot, you are probably in trouble. If you can control pot, then it can work for you. otherwise, "saying no" has zero downside and youll save a lot of money. I like surfing sober and stoned, depends entirely on the session, the vibe and how heavy the waves are.

    surfing is my #1 addiction tho, and nothings gonna change that

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    In my opinion most people who live in our society can't use pot in moderation, and just abuse it, and in effect become paraniod and shallow minded. And as far as riding high, I just don't see the point. If you feel a need to "enhance the experience" than your missing the whole idea of being in the ocean.


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    right on beach break

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    You are all pretty much losers.

    Cant you have fun in your life without Drugs..

    You must be pretty bored to have to USE pot.

    Do somethng productive and make a life out of it.

    You got one chance on this planet and why waste it all dazed and confused.

  6. You've been smoking since you were 12 wow just lay off the weed. like beachbreak said you can get high many other ways. Its not worth it at all.

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    Ban this topic stoners need to get a life

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    I think you guys should smoke too, you guys need to mellow down just a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceybeatzjosh View Post
    I think you guys should smoke too, you guys need to mellow down just a little.
    yeah sic brah lets listen to some iceybeatz and smoke a bowl


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    so many ripppers love to rip tubbbbbbbberrrrrssss before a session so let them and if you cant hold a fattty chron rip then prepare to be aired over peaceee