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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    CNN is same sh!tshow but for socialist tards
    I dont have a tv at the moment but when i do i like to switch back and forth between the stations to hear them completely 180 what the other station i had on was saying.

    doesnt matter what political party you vote for, they are all spewing garbage at us. None of its true thats why they can be completely opposite of each other.

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    had to add it twice

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    Just now got to this thread, good stuff, thanks's amazing how hard we get f**ked. In our voids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieMonster View Post
    Uh oh buy some guns wear a tin helmut. Brobama is from Hawaii, hes obviously two chilled out and most definitely a brah too ever do what you say he does. If the article was newsworthy it would BE ON THE NEWS dummy.

    I didnt take a look at the article but your wild accusations are of no merit.

    Ya had me snookered, kookie. You sound like a reactionary efftard. Nobody's talking about your buoy hamster. Can you be coaxed back out of your bunker: don't diffuse the topic with your ham-handed liberal insanity defensive bunghole-covering posture; it doesn't show you at your best.

    Read the shiiiite & then WTFU, instead of knee-jerkin' all over the thread, son.
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    I liked the last paragraph:
    "So when you get called up by the debt collector, and you're being asked to pay the full amount of your debt, you now know that the debt collector has bought your debt very, very cheaply. As cheaply as we bought it. And that gives you moral ammunition to have a different conversation with the debt collector."

    This country runs on debt. Every dollar coming out of the Federal Reserve has debt attached to it. Welcome to what slavery has become. Newspaper and television are how the government propagates it's will and represses ours, in order to maintain control over the general population.
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