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Not on the East Coast Brah how bout you stick to Hawaii and leave that lingo there. We make sense up here brah

Measure how high your chest is off the floor. That number is how big a chest high wave is. We do this because it MAKES SENSE instead of having 30 different stories as to why we "take the real size and cut it in half". Surfline was calling for 3-4 foot because it was supposed to be 3-4 feet. It ended up 5-7 where I was.
idk where u were at in the mid atlantic,but im in central nj and I work near the beach so I saw it around 6am on my way to work and at 430pm leavin work.it looked pretty good in the am,it was like an hr after that storm passed,if anyone was awake around 3 am,then im sure u heard and felt it,id say it was 4-5ft in the am,in the pm it was around 3-5ft clean and looking real fun.i was at the beach probably at the swells peak since the storm just moved offshore and it was good,not epic but definitely worth a good surf.and by the looks of it the swell stuck around all day and it was a damn fine day outside.doomsday was 5-7ft,but im sure some would argue 10-12 ft which is an exaggeration in my eyes,but doomsday was the peak ideal winter storm set up and I base all future storms off of doomsday.but the result of doomsday perfection was sandys work on the sand,and that's gone.it sucks being so close to the beach and not surfing,but I work long hrs of hard labor and by the time I get out im ready to vedge out on the couch and burn one.maybe im lazy,i call it getting old.i pass like 30 different surfspots on the way to work which is always cool.im just dreading this summer traffic this year since I work off the shore