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    Isn`t swell direction way off..?

    For the cape to be working tomorrow (sunday)???

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    not to mention 30+ cross shore winds. doesn't look too promising.

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    but I waan surf : (

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    SI looks like the only model that has anything of note on the Cape.

    Thursday and on is on watch right now everywhere in EMass. Looks like we will get some type of gnarl but looks like I ain't doin nothin but chasin swell at its will this weekend. Can't wait to get flushed out by 48 degree water in high seas with 48mph winds day 1 of wearing the new 5/4 Drylock.

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    Was there any swell on the Cape today? SI still says so. Also says it will be OH there Thursday and bigger than other places in NE the rest of the week. Everyone, go to the Cape this week. Turkey's are half price there too with free fixins.

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    No waves according to the cams

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    Cape Cod is pretty big, it depends on where you are going...
    The northern end of the cape will pick up more north, then the southern end.

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    Hey thanks for making your first post on my thread. Glad this wel writen thred inspired you to post.