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00:00 Intro

00:40 Kenyon Gibson

Industrial Hemp Uses, Applications and Environmental issues

06:10 Ed,Lonnie and Lonnie jr. Young
From the Alan Lomax collection

08:00 Keyon Gibson pt 2
Industrial Hemp, political problems
A history of impractical supression

15:00 Viking Moses - Werewolves in the City - US/UK

17:10 Mexpipe Challenge Info piece

17:38 Steve Pike (Spike) pt2
background, wavscape film festival, South Africas unique culture

23:45 Balta - Walking Away - US

28:00 Steve Pike (Spike) pt2
Pollution,Sharks,Aggrivating activities, sharkpod, visiting SA

36:00 4WFS info piece

36:30 Grant from FoamEZ pt 1
Clarks aftermath, looking at alternatives like MDI EPS etc

Andy McKee - Drifting - US

43:20 Grant from FoamEZ pt 2
Outsourcing, Walkerfoam, Clarks in Orange County, EPA

47:15 Outro

47:50 Credits

49:15 Fin