After an early October swell, I developed a skin infection at the top of my knee. At first it seemed like a big pimple. The condition worsened markedly, spreading across the top and bottom of my knee, becoming increasingly swollen, painful, and eventually fever inducing.

Reduced drinking and my remaining Nicaraguan antibiotics knocked it out over a couple of weeks. All systems go.

Fast forward to last weekend, after surfing a lil' windswell, I woke up to red marks signaling the return of the infection (same spot). Luckily, this time it got better before it got much worse...

Have you guys had any experiences with a wetsuit causing an infection? I'm guessing it's in the suit as it happened in the same spot. Should I just get a bottle of piss-off? The diver's forums recommend everything from lysol to bleach mixtures, but I know they are idiots, unlike you guys.

Oh, feel free to discuss any other contracted infections here too.