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    Best Wifi Network Names

    It's raining and there's been no swell for days. Need to lose my mind somehow. Here are the best random wifi names I've seen my devices find in various locations. Feel free to add to the list.

    1. PrettyFlyForAWifi
    2. Abraham Linksys
    3. George McFly

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    Keep em coming. You know you've come across some hilarious ones and they're so great because it's the type of comedy and wit that the producer will never get to see or hear the laughs. They do it out of sheer wit.

    MIS-13, that Abraham Linksys one was in the Onion a couple years ago. In the model of the US Today statistic or poll graphical diagrams on the front pages of sections, they had the top wireless network names one day. Classic. The other two are ones I've seen randomly.

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