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Thread: Jfk rip

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    Jfk rip

    Even if you don't agree with his politics etc., he was a war hero and a heck of a mariner. God bless America and John F. Kennedy. May he rest in peace.

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    Some contend that a drunken rich boy running a gun ship in the side of a Jap destroyer isn't heroism.

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    And "some" are assho*es.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisurfdogg View Post
    Even if you don't agree with his politics etc., he was a war hero and a heck of a mariner. God bless America and John F. Kennedy. May he rest in peace.
    Agreed. JFK was the man. He did so much for our country in his short time.

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    What did he do for our country in his short time...? Seriously.

    Was a big Camelot fan growing up...old enough to recall the horror & shock when he got whacked....

    The man did very little effectively as Prez, unless you count boinking the hotties in the White House press pool when Jackie was 'away,' but politically he just didn't have enough duration in office to make any substantive moves; his actions in re: Bay of Pigs are highly suspect, including who approved that type of stupidity(?); WWII hero, yes indeed, what a story of heroism despite the skeptics, but after that, eh, not so much; certainly a lame career as Senator; his then-prize-winning book won't stand the test of time.

    JFK was another American machine-manufactured pol with massive push from dada Joe; documented that Jack's office & his election was bought & paid for. He crossed the wrong people. He got taken out.

    LHOswald wasn't alone.

    Heck, the IDF built an exact replica of the Texas School Book Depository & Dealey Plaza. They attempted to imitate the Warren Commish findings, namely, that LHO popped JFK all by his lonesome. The absolute best snipers in the IDF, firing the Mannlicher Carcano that LHO ostensibly fired on that day, couldn't even get three shots off in the timespan that LHO was said to have put three shots in the head of & body of JFK.

    All media smoke & fed govt coverup, kidz.

    And yes, I do think that JFK was taken out by at least two probably three gunmen. See Tink Thompson's analysis of the video & film of that era. 'Nuff said.

    RIP, American political ideology
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    JFK made Clinton (extreme womanizer) look like W (extreme homo).

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    Both Kennedy and Lincoln wanted to institute monetary systems that would have changed a balance of power. those in power took exception to this

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    Didn't he take a stab at Marilyn Monroe?

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    My father keeps telling me JFK was shot "accidentally" by a CIA agent that was riding in the car behind him. He thinks this because his father, my grandfather, was in the CIA during this time. Who knows though? Could have been them damn aliens!

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    rip jfk he was the man