Hey, I just moved to Orange County in August and I joined the forum hoping to meet some nearby people to maybe hang out and go surf with. In all honesty, I never surfed before I moved here and I'm still learning (aka I suck hardcore). I figure if I can go with some people who know what they're doing, I'll learn faster. I don't want to be "that guy" everyone dreads when they see me paddling out to the lineup, so if there are any HB, Seal Beach, Newport or other nearby break folks who don't mind taking a rookie under their wing, I would be really appreciative of the help. Besides all that, it super sucks going out to the beach alone. I mean, it's nice to get some quiet time, but having someone to talk to is cool too. Plus, if I'm lucky enough to get a peak to myself, I get tired really fast. Anyway, that's pretty much my deal; hopefully you guys (and girls? I don't know) will be cool about all this nonsense.