Yankee, I sure do appreciate your response. I may be new to this forum, but new to forums, period? Try again. Let me let you know, I'm originally from Annapolis, and my parents are from Salisbury and Snow Hill. I went to Ocean City every summer of my childhood, and I'm going
to clue you in on a few facts, assuming you're literate enough to sound them out. First, no one in the entire rest of the world refers to the armpit of backwoods waste of land mass east of the Kent Narrows bridge as Delmarva. Second, it must be nice to sit at your keyboard surfing a forum for a location on the opposite side of the nation "pwning n00b5" about how pathetic they are while stroking your raging erection while looking at your senior member status. Third, if your sister read half the crap you posted on this forum, you'd be served by her divorce lawyer so fast your Mossy Oak trucker cap would spin. Why don't you stop wasting your time being a wannabe and do what the rest of the toothless Eastern Shore hicks are doing and rustle up some more chicken necks, fix the holes in your crab pots and continue being irrelevant like you know you should be. I was under the impression that surfers were laid back, and more or less accepting of someone humble enough to ask for a little direction. I guess I was wrong, and this post could very well be my last, but thank you all the same. In closing, any Marylander who is so unaware of the location of the Mason-Dixon Line, as well as the fact that the word "Yankee" in that state can get you thrown from the upper reaches of Camden Yards deserves what he gets, and sir, you have gotten just a little of what you deserve here. Crawl in a hole and die.