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    I have something ... similar


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    ^^Happy New Year. Looks like a good start to 2014

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    Started to learn to surf about mid-late November of 2013. Wish I started way sooner.... I'm 24, 5'8, and only weigh 125. Started to learn on a 5'6 Channel Islands #4 in the groveler dimensions. Was able to stand and balance very easily.(lots of cruising on a skateboard.) Decided the board was a bit too big so I picked up a Channel Islands 5'5 weirdo ripper. Had my share of fun but wasn't really riding the wave down the line so rides felt short. Picked up a 5'4 hypto krypto and started to learn to ride down the line. Ended up buckling it 3 times in the same spot until it finally gave out. Picked up another 5'4 hypto krypto and since have been getting longer rides down the line. Went surfing the other day after a 2 day break and still knew I was lacking the skill and experience to actually ride up the face of the wave to hit the lip. Using the futures blackstix FEA btw. Went on craigslist and found a 5'3 lost CP with a nice resin tint, a couple months used. No repairs done or needed. Just normal pressure dents. Picked it up for a steal at 300$! Went to the shop to pick up some seaworthy controller quads and took it out for a ride. Took me a few waves to adjust my surfing style and find the sweet spot but once I did, oh boy, was I having soooo much fun! I was able to lean a lot further in my bottom turns and riding up the face was piece of cake! Went out, smoked some of my favorite indica herb and caught the wave of the day and had one of my longest rides down the line. Can't wait to take it out on another small day! Was also wondering, what would it feel like if I put the black stix FEA or rob machado sig fins on the front and seaworthy controller for the rears?