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    I got a fred rubble off craigslist for $300. Never buy new!

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    You are the proud owner of used surfboard now. Clean the wax off of the deck and you can count the rides you actually stood up on through dents on the deck. Those boards are the 7 ply maple skate decks of surfboards- not meant to last and destined to break sooner than later. You just bought a top fuel dragster to go to the Qwiky Mart with and backed it into the gas pump. Thing is in surfing you are not supposed to crash. Might want to get a used BIC or NSP and surf instead of enriching Jake Burton and his pet surfboard company. But you had to see if a pro surfer hyped sled would make you a hero. No, grasshopper - the surfer makes the ride, not the equipment. It's the indian not the arrow that brings home the meat.

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    I feel your pain buddy. I dinged the nose of my new custom taking it out of the car after it's first session. If it's really a bad ding take it to someone who specializes in fixing boards. It's a new stick it will still look new. In the plus side, at least you got that out I the way. Next ding won't be so traumatic.

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    All my boards are glassed fairly light but my Merrick is the only one that gets a ding if you look at it. The glassing flat out sucks. They use a number of different glassing houses, some better than others. Mine was glassed by "Mystery Glassing" and if I ever bought another Merrick I'd make sure it wasn't from them.

    Sorry to hear about it. If there's no crack just ride it. Wait tiill you accumulate a few and get them all fixed at once.

    By comparison I have a DHD that's going on 4 years old, light glassing as well, but even the deck has hardly any dings. Lots of variables, hard to know when you buy one. Also have a newer Lost and the glassing is pretty good on that as well.

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    ^true, I've owned both and glassing was more sturdy on all my losts than on my CIs