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    For Sale - Campbell Brothers Bonzer/Thruster

    6'5" x 19 x 2 7/16 Bonzer bottomed Thruster (regular 3 fin set-up) shaped by one of the most iconic shapers in surfing history. I need to make room. Used with minor pressure marks and the few very minor dings were professionally repaired. This board hasn't been surfed much and its glassed by Moonlight Glassing (the best glassing you can get). $300 OBO

    Pictures can be found through the CL post....

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    how are the rails on it? i'm guessing super pinched, since mc hasn't done production thrusters since the 90's...if it were my size i'd be all over it. my first bonzer was a thruster when i was like 14.

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    Bumping the asking price to $250 - the rails seem pretty normal to me.

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    it's pretty old.

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    It is older and in awesome shape. Used. I love boards regardless of age. Especially when they are made by US small companies like CB and moonlight. Emailed the glasser and he told me the thrusters are super rare. $250 OBO