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    Strengthen CI Fred Rubble

    Hey, I just bought a new Fred Rubble and first time out it got a nice ding on the bottom of the board. I know that Channel Island glassing are really thin so I was wondering if it is possible to strengthen it by taking it to my local shaper and have him re glass it or something. I know it will add some weight to it but i rather have the board last. Also how much will it affect the performance of the board. And how much will it cost approximately the boards a 5'11

    Thanks Again,

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    it's not worth it - and you might end up with a board that's too heavy. just get it fixed, ride the hell out of it, or sell it and buy a different brand (or get a custom CI)

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    thats what you get for buying from a company that got bought out by burton and had the longtime employees train low-paid, non-surfing dudes to be they're replacements. pure evil

    just burn it and never buy another Burton Islands/Al Generic piece of garbage again. or any other designer, fashion surfboard for that matter. go to your local shaper and support the little guy. oh wait... that might hamper your pro surfing career. like waterbaby, you probably get paid to look as good as possible. god bless heavy advertising

    the clones have taken over
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    Didnt you already start a thread about that same ding???

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    They still use a 6-4-6 glass which is pretty good. I agree with the commercialization and they are more of a marketing company than board makers now but whatever.

    Why anyone would pay that kind of money for one is beyond me, but if a kook sees Dane Reynolds doing an air on this weeks latest creation, they gotta have it! Its actually an inside running joke with most shapers that no matter what they shape no matter how extreme or retarded if they can get just a few good pictures of Dane riding it they know every kook from Cali to Carolina will buy one.

    That's why I always recommend local shapers. Any half way decent surfer gets their boards from a good local shaper. Local shapers also know what works best for where you are surfing.

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    Standard off the rack PU/PE is 4+4 deck, single 4 bottom. Another layer of glass on the bottom will make it 8oz, which is just too much... too heavy and too stiff. You could glass a layer of 2oz on it, but it's just not worth the money, and you won't get the kind of lam-to-lam bond you want... you'll have that hotcoat layer in between.

    Next time, go custom from a good local guy, and ask for suggestions.

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    Get over the ding already. You already posted about this. You shouldn't be buying CI's at your level when you wonder if you should reglass a brand new board. Take it as a lesson learned and get the ding fixed. It's really not a big deal.