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    6'"0 Sharpeye Disco for sale South Florida

    IMAG0787.jpg 6'0\" By 19.5\" By 2.5\". Great board only ridden maybe half a dozen times. Just a little too small for me. Its got a minor ding and a scratch on the underside that's it. $350
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    Great board. I rode it in a 6'2" because I needed the volume. I'm 175lbs. But alas I am too short for it. Ditched it and went with a 5'7" CI weirdo. Anyway---great board is gonna make someone very happy.

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    I hope so its a great stick. Looks like this bad boy is hitting craigslist, not looking forward to the wierdos calling me. I've got enough crazies calling me as it is.

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    I've got a 5'8 and 5'9 disco... Sickest board ever made in my opinion. From waist to OH, the thing is an absolute shred machine. If I had that in my budget, I would drive down to Florida and pick one up....

    There was a guy on here last week that was looking for a disco.... He wanted a 5'9 or 5'10 but I advised him that he may want to get a 6'0 to handle a little smaller surf and a little bigger surf respectively. search for "disco" and message the guy

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    I had a 5'10 Disco and it was way to big for me. I dropped weight though. I am 5'9 150 now. I would be careful going to big with this board. It has alot of hidden volume from the middle down. My board volume was 31 and I should be between 23 to 25. Great board though. But wave I ride mostly here is steep barrel and I wanted a more pulled in tail with less rail. Picked up a CI fred rubble. So sick!

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    Appreciate the input fellas. Its a great board and I've gotten some serious interest off craigslist looks like it will be sold soon! The board hasn't seen water since early May so I'm glad someones going to get some use out of it.