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    I've never been so thankful on Thanksgiving in my entire life. Great shots....that spot from your first pic looked just insane that day, especially on the outside! Just didn't want to battle the massive throngs, surfed the beachie instead.

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    i know, at that spot i decided to get some water shots rather than fight for waves on my board

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilman Photography View Post
    AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. Sweet action.

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    Thanksgiving in NH went quite well, thanks! Shared high quality waves with around 10 or so nice fellows just after sunrise. Surfed about 3 hours until I was unsure if my feet would allow me the dexterity to navigate the rocks and cliff to get back to my vehicle.
    On a side note, I decided I don't really like my 6'2 SuperBrand, Zen. The full nose makes it feel like too much board to whip around at high speed. Or, I need a trac pad, but doubtful that will do the trick