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    rincon/aguadilla-just got back

    i just got back, it was sweet! my 5th and best trip there in the last 7 years. i will try to post some pics next week. i got lucky and made the rincon surf report one day, and my 12 yr old son and i made surf 911 puerto rico reort another day. enuff of that. i just wanna give a little info if you are going that way. verde azul on 110 is a great place for rentals. the cheapest i could find too. coffee spot on 110 is great too. the waterfalls in san sebastian are fun(verde azul can give you directions).pisca chicken on 107 is killer(peruvian owner).there is a cool family bch at monotez(just east of jobos).they have killer empanadas and pinchos and a real small but safe snorkel spot. steps and little malibu has good snorkeling.if u wanna get your wife/girl a massage, one street north of steps is annette weimer-awesome.for a killer(and a little pricey)breakfast go up the hill from tres palmas to the english rose. banandang in rincon is a cool coffee shop. no, i am not going to give away any tips about surfin there-im sure that is ez to find.i will say we had chst to overhead plus every day!i only surfed rincon once, crowded but what a wave!we actually scored a downtown aguadilla spot on 3 occasions. wow, what a wave!if u get 1 or 2 waves by yourself(i did)you are lucky.i have never been dropped in on bt a boogieboarder or kneeboarder that im back in wb i am ready to flex if i have to. all in all a great trip.

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    Sounds like you had a great trip.I would like to go one day I'm saving and planning but too many other things to get done first. Thanks for the post , great read.

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    Reading that post was like watching Anthony Bourdain on fast forward!

    Sounds like a sweet trip!

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    no stops at Ola Lola's or Pedro's Pescados?