I noticed Lee does. My house is haunted as schitt. Moved into the wife's Gdads house in '85 when the kids were young. I did some modifications, cutting out walls, making 2 living rooms into 1 living room and attached the kitchen so the wifey could cook and mingle. that's when things got weird. I'd put stuff down, come back, it's gone. I'd blame the kids for messing with my stuff, come back and it would be there. "I KNEW YOU'RE MESSING WITH MY CRAP" I'd say. after they grew up and, I thought it was too much mota messing with my memory. that, I didn't actually look where it showed up. I would tap the place I thought I left it, return, and there it'd be. I'd say thanks. Once I went to get the tray with my weeds. I asked the wife where it was, she said under the chair by the bed. when I got to the chair, the pan was indeed ther. as I stepped for it, the pan came out from the chair. Again, I said thanks, and added, for not touching me.

We were partaking in the living room and my son just walked in like he still lived there. The wife put the hitter between the couch arm and cushion. after he finally left, she reached for it and couldn't find it. We removed the couch cover and shook it. felt around the edges of the couch, nothing. so we put it back together, sat down and my wife was showing me how she stashed it. and pulled it out from between the arm and cushion.