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    I disagree that people don't support Surfrider's efforts. I think people don't see any noticeable changes taking place. All people see is money being wasted year after year on beach replenishment as well as our breaks being ruined by to much sand being pumped onto the beaches.

    For the record I totally support Surfrider. But if its notoriety you are after then you need to figure out how to fund an artificial reef system. If you did the right campaigning for it with the surfing community the money would POUR in to support the creation of more surf breaks.
    I was not pointing fingers at you for not supporting Surfrider although since the DE Chapter has taken on an active role in Delaware surfing increased membership numbers have been disappointing,just say'n.

    The science much less funding on artificial reefs in the US doesn't provide enough science for funding and implementation so is not widely accepted by US Coastal Engineering. Their application & monitoring has been strictly used in Australia and New Zealand as their approach/philosophy much more "reef" friendly that the US. The US has more or less applied less short term, less expensive solutions to coastal deficiencies. You might have good solutions in your tool box to create/save sand bars for surfing recreation but can't touch Ocean without the blessing of Army Corp and Congress to appropriate funding for projects. These projects cost millions of dollars so exceeds many Org's funding resources. Florida and California are the most active with Army Corp and State Coastal Engineers to guide projects with more desired result for surfing. I've noticed in Fla & California higher degree of interaction with the Army Corp and vice versa too which we lack here in our region. So it can be done, it does take time so hopefully we'll get there eventually too.

    As far as "notoriety" you are after
    ........ Trust me its not about me, nor will it ever be either, at this point in my life my ego doesn't need stoking, too old for that. I only want what many others wish just to travel to a local break for a fun day of surfing.
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