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    milton delaware
    Not sure what the forecast was for Ocean City, Maryland but the swell seemed to fill in this afternoon. Plenty of clean waves around mid afternoon.

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    Certainly waist to stomach at AI this afternoon with maybe a couple of chest set waves. I had fun, nice day overall.

    Great pics mitch!

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    It also says it's gonna be waist high and clean on Friday after the cold front passes through where I'm at. Although I do live on a coast that obtains nothing but short period slop chop, idk what spot is real clean when the off shores howling at 20-25 mph. This happens allot with northern texas coast SI forecast. It is probable, And very likely that the buoy will have some footage on it, no doubt. But it's gonna be one wave dumpers. I don't know if your surprised that they were wrong, and your just spoiled (I don't mean that offensively) because it's always so precise. But I love swell info for the fact that it's more of a long range forecast for when a swells peak days will be, and what spot it will be best at. Then when it's crunch time I know what buoy(s) to be hounding.