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    It is "necessary" for the shots they are trying to get. Trust me, those guys are more than capable of surfing it without the ski better than 99% of the people there or posting here. I'm not saying I agree, I've always thought it was lame. But then again, I'm also not trying to pay my bills and keep sponsors.

    I think most of you would be quite surprised how many people use ski's to get pictures, go-pro footage of few feet overhead closeout beachbreaks all over the world. Big name pro's. This isn't a thing confined to this area.

    *I do have to agree with Won on the fact Vince does come up and put on an absolute clinic though.
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    can we get king colin or any of the wild lyfe/backwoods dorks to comment on this? seriously you guys are losers.

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    This thread is great! I didn't realize so many people think the whole step-off thing is lame, I totally agree. But....they are only doing it in specific spots, mostly southside. So, if you don't like it go somewhere else? There were so many spots going off that day.

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    at least everyone is talking about it...not really flaming each other, at the moment. I know i have heard more then a few locals, voice their displeasure with some of our more well known surf brethren.

    Instead of being jealous or resentful, which is the easy thing to do, maybe being more supportive could help. That being said,...Colin and crew do what they do. On a day like that, (weds) i would suspect the jet ski is/was a good crowd control tool/factor No they do not need a jet ski. They are PROS, for lack of a better word.

    However,>>with all due respect<<, there are others in the local area that are better across the board,,,, from drops, to pit, to pocket, to slot, to end sections, to finish. >>>I'm just saying<<<

    As you said, and the videos show, Vince was playing with it. No assist needed.

    I think we are kind of lucky to have the diversity that we have locally, regardless of how we might feel personally about any one person or groups of people.

    Colin is trying to make it happen, for that i give him credit. Could he be more respectful of the line-up? Sure, maybe, ? actually yes, he should be setting the example to some extent, IMO. <<<you sure would not want the state getting wind of some uninformed crap and shut the whole thing down, like was mentioned before<<<<

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    Dudes that was 4-5' with a few pushing 6 foot.....

    Completely ridiculous to have a ski out there. Delaware's pros just took five steps backwards. So that puts them 10 steps behind the irrelevant Jersey pros.

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    Why? Why????!!!????

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    Doing step offs in head high waves is completely uncalled for, throw a crowd in there it becomes dangerous. I cant believe this was allowed to go on by the people in the water. I know if i did that anywhere around me, other than an empty peak, id be kicked out and snaked on every wave.

    As for getting the "shot" bc they are starving pros, iv seen plenty of good gopro barrel shots taking by guys paddling into way bigger ec waves then that. learn to paddle with a camera instead of putting other surfers at risk.

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    He was close enough to see the reg. #'s. Should have called the Indian River Coast Guard station. Would have put an end to it real quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exit98Surf View Post
    He was close enough to see the reg. #'s. Should have called the Indian River Coast Guard station. Would have put an end to it real quick.

    hope some vigilante saves us all and turns them in

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    I'm going to fade everyone next low tide north swell on my WaveJet. Have to get some pictures for my new sponsor SlimJim.