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    tipping at surf camp

    Seems like a few of you have been to SurfSimply in CR; any advice about how much to tip? I'm thinking 20% on the whole amount would be too much, because a large chunk of that isn't's rent. So maybe 10%? <br />Also any other Nosara advice welcome! Of course, it looks like I'm bringing my puny Northeast surf with me, but I can't blame the staff I guess .

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    been to nosara 5 times -- what do you want to know

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    I tipped about 10% of total cost at surf simply, let them divvy it up. Have fun, I am going back in January. Been to Nosara a bunch too.

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    Tip well. The instructors don't make much. Or, just ask Ru for guidance, he's straight up about it.

    btw, at the very beginning of the week I leave something for housekeeping separate from the bulk tip for Harry, KA, Sarah, et. al.

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    Yes, we tipped about 10% for the instructor split with separate amounts for Sara, housekeeping and Crystal.

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    Pay what ya felt fun on the trip. Ya want to be that guy be cheap n get by, oh well on next trip! Be real n be nice. It gets ya farther than being a cheap a.. **** n being a tourist. Karma always rules!