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Thread: Gay Surfers

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    Quote Originally Posted by MakeItStop View Post
    this was point, thank GAWD for sunglasses so they cant see me eye-raping from a-far
    Brazilians cut bikini bottoms are the BEST THING EVER!
    Is the first step in recovering from being a scumbag admitting you are a scumbag?

    Hi my name is MIS and I am a scumbag
    Hi MIS,
    Hi eveyrone
    Thank god for the Brazilian cut bikini and dark sunglasses! I go nowhere without my maui jims.

    I truly do feel sorry for you poor souls who dont live in hawaii. Cause the bikinis here are UNREAL!!!

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    pipe masters starts tomorrow, pro hos will be parading, I will try and post some pics, if I can be sneaky

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    Q - What's the hardest thing about being a bodyboarder?
    A - Having to tell your Mom that you are gay.

    Honestly, it takes all types. Longboard, shortboard, gay, straight, who cares? As others have mentioned we are all the potential punchline to some one's joke.

    Please just send us some waves, I'm sure we'll be able to share regardless of our differences. Ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by travy View Post
    yes there is indeed an unfortunate mix of jerzzy guido and southeastern redneck here that's quite embarrassing for the rest of us east coasters. i like to believe you're all teenagers and will grow out of it one day, but i'm an optimist
    You're seriously over sensitive. My gay friends wouldn't have taken offense to any of this. Chill dude.

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    iwish i could get these two minutes of my life back... talk waves, boards, suits, spots or find the appropriate forum for your demographical musings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna Kai View Post
    Chill dude.
    oooh the big kahuna telling me what to do! regulator, mount up!

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    This thread is cracking me up! I am actually kind of surprised no one brought up religion or the government. oops

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcsears17314 View Post
    iwish i could get these two minutes of my life back... talk waves, boards, suits, spots or find the appropriate forum for your demographical musings
    Excuse us. Some people identify with marginalized groups. You should know- You have a Yahoo email account.

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    Down here in Buxton we have some from VA beach and Canada come down. You can tell when they fart, condoms start floating through the lineup. I tell them to pick that **** up. Bad for the turtle's digestive tract, they think it's a jelly fish and eat it (either that or the are gay too).

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    Ri surfer comes around ri I guess he's the only bi curious surfer I know of as of now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slashdog View Post
    Does any one here have any regular 'Mos in their surf crew?

    There's a documentary coming out about gays in surf culture, titled 'Out in the Lineup." It looks like they've already met their Kickstarter goal:

    Trailer & Interview in Surfer magazine

    Feel free to discuss. Perhaps there are even some members on here who surf with the rainbow banner?