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    Will keep an eye out in my area. Hopefully someone cool has it and it will find you again. Easy enough to do when you are in a hurry, I have seen boards left behind, backed over, not tied on roof and blown off etc. Good luck, hope for the best.

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    That happened to me with my ex-wife.....forgot to pick her up off the lawn this one time; unfortunately, she tracked me down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfingwasteland View Post
    contact the shops in the area. I know some shops in jersey have a register they keep of boards that get stolen in case they come in for trade. I've had a board stole in ocean city, never found, but they took all the info I had for the register. good luck
    Also, someone might have reported to the local shop that they found the board. Perhaps a Found ad will be posted in the area's Craig's List. Post some signs around the area. There are some good people out there who might've picked up your board with hopes of getting it back to its owner rather than leaving it for someone to steal. Think what you might do if you found a left behind board and wanted to do the right thing. Best of luck.

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    I surf everywhere from jenks and everywhere north of that so i'll definitely keep my eye out

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    Still blows me away when people leave their board behind! Regardless, good luck, I hope it turns up!

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    I drove off with one just loosely sitting on the roof of my car once. Must have gotten distracted while looking for straps or something. Almost as rewarding.

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    bro- call the shops!!! let them know... they know that ppl steal boards and try to sell them... inlet outlet, greenlight, 3rd ave, brave and spellbinders

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    Let us know if it turns up. I would have picked it up, and called the cops. If they weren't willing to deal with the board I would take it to the nearest surf shop and make sure the cops knew where it was in case they were contacted by you........but that's just me. I could never take someone else's stuff......bad vibes, bad karma and simply, bad behavior.

    However, if I was poor in a third world country and you left a car full gear that would take me over a year to pay for (if I quit eating)..........idk. Not the case here, I'm just saying under different circumstances any of us could become less honest.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you get it back.

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    I will call the shops today when they open. Hopefully something turns up. I posted a lost board on craigslist as well. Thanks. I can't imagine someone would try to use this board locally. Crazy odds that someone would have driven by in that 30 minutes so early on a freezing morning and had car/truck big enough for this board and was willing to take it. Still hoping that it was good intentions.

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    calling the cops seems like a fail move if you find a baord, go to shops and tell them you found one and make a listing on CL or Nwespapers: found board at______ describe it and its yours