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    Mayport poles

    Saw the Navy turning everyone back south today and using the loudspeakers from the south gate house. they sounded serious, and trying to keep everyone off the Navy property. saw an increase after the Washington D.C. yard shooting.

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    On the beach or out in the lineup?

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    Been told by base security that they are over it and eventually will start arresting folks for trespassing. True? I don't know... but in the year an a half I've lived there its gone from no security to dudes M-4s strapped to their chest telling folks to beat it...its been before naval yard shooting. Don't think the current situation would totally shut off access (its not everyday they do it) but listening to security I imagine one encounter that goes poorly would do it... or that's just frustration of security speaking after telling people to beat it all day...I know one of those guys (navy MP) who is a bad would that suck watching the waves go off and North Florida's finest killing it while you stand in the sun all day! I'd be pissed too.
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    Just need to be polite and respectful everytime you encounter the security guards. I know the situation sucks but it is what it is. Most of the MPs just don't want their a55 on the line if something bad happens. It also doesn't help when it's groups of 4-5 dudes coming from Hannah crossing the poles all at once.

    Having spent my teenage years growing up in the enlisted housing inside the base, I didn't really appreciate the gem I had right on my backyard until now. 9/11 just changed all the security in all the bases, and screwed a lot of the surfers who loved hitting up the poles.

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    Think it may just depend on who is in the guard tower (assuming it's not always the same guy) and what the national security level or whatever is. Cause sometimes I've just took off half a mile over without them saying anything and one time they told me to stay over before I even crossed