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I agree that having a bunch of snow on a relatively flat area would get old pretty quick and it sucks that you guys in the northeast seem ruined by never really getting to experience the epic side of snow. Fact is, snowboarding in deep powder on a steep mtn is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Sex, surfing, snowboarding and good food (in that order) are the best things in life. Launching off a 20 foot cliff into 4 ft of powder is something we look forward to all year; something worth living for...like that trip to the tropics with perfect head high barrels.
I've done a lot of skiing over the years. Agreed, it's fun although I don't feel quite as passionately about the cold powder as you do, but sounds like you love that element which is cool.

Living / working in heavy snow & bitter cold on a daily basis are a long way from playing in it; the former being anathema to me. Just sayin'...