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So planned/engineered obsoloscence according to the definition:

planned obsolescence
1. the policy of deliberately limiting the life of a product in order to encourage the purchaser to replace it. Also called: built-in obsolescence

In other words a hustle perpetrated by the Gnome to release a sh!tty fin so that Chucky will buy the better one second time around? That makes about as much sense as a 13 foot wooden board, oh wait Roy makes those too, now I see the light.

And the first time I got a bag I bought a quarter, I did not screw around with that small dime bag crap from some street pusher. In addition I don't think Chucky got the fin free according to his post that he placed and order so the idea that Roy used it to lure him in like a drug pusher is not applicable.

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Carter, Roy gave me the fin to test because he trusts my feedback ya nerd!! Lol. I didn't get hustled and I never do anyways. Besides abs is fine this fin is wicked strong. If my non skinned wooden fin can take loads of leverage this shorter and more solid fin will work very well.