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Nice meme. Ya got me. Your grasp of internet antics impresses me. It's like I'm in a surfing internet version of Mean Girls.

Nancy boy out for now.
You do know that a meme is when a organism takes on the properties of it's surroundings to fit in or when an idea/practice spreads through a culture or group. Me posting a pic saying later b!tch does not qualify and you really should not get your scientific definitions from South Park. If me being a hater then causes others on SI to be haters that is a meme. Unless that picture is used universally all over the net/world then it is not a meme. Now since you used the Nancy Boy moniker I first called you this is the start of a meme and if others use it then we can use memetics to track the progression and lifecycle of the meme.

Vote Rcarter in 2014 Because if we all work together we can all hate everybody.