You know I was just thinking (That's why your lights just flickered) and I just thought of something.

There's a lot of dudes on here who bemoan social welfare programs, and what they call, "entitlements."

Now before you ostriches, who hide from political discourse, start wincing, rest assured this isn't political......

Anywaywho, I was just thinking (yeah that's the burning smell you sniffed a few minutes ago), and it just struck me how crazy that is. Surfers complaining aboot dudes on the dole and those who are unemployed and are dedicated to the lifestyle.

Wow, that's crazy. That's blasphemous. It goes against everything surfing is supposed to be aboot.

There are "surfers" on this here website complaining aboot unemployed dudes. Man, what is this? The Republican National Convention. Dude, Sean Hannity don't surf. Can you imagine a bunch of surfer dudes in the 1970's getting upset at "freeloaders." What is going on here? We aren't supposed to be mainstream, dang nam it.

If you are a hard working corporate type, well, hey, good for you, but how dare you criticize someone who only wants to hang around, pull tubes and surf. Yeah, yeah, the anally selfish types cry aboot how THEY are funding their lifestyle. No YOU aren't. Your tax money goes to overseas wars, schools, and interstate highways. My God, do you know how many unemployed surfers could be taken care of for the cost of one fancy fighter jet.

Anyway, everyone has free will (that's what we killed the British for) so don't get jealous of others. You can do the same thing. So quit your b!tching.