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    6'2" Chemistry Benzene FOR SALE

    6'2" x 18 3/4" x 2 3/8" Chemistry benzene for sale. Board is in great shape. It has normal pressure dings on deck, only been used a handful of times. Board located in Monmouth County, NJ

    Asking $325

    Description from Chem website: The Benzene model is our most high performance board in our line. It is equipped with a completely new rocker designed through a year of R&D with our team riders and visiting pros. The nose rocker is a smooth, subtle entry for faster paddling and all around board speed while the tail rocker has a bit more lift than our other HP models and provides an amazing amount of pivot off the bottom. Teamed with the updated rocker, the outline of this model is curvier from midpoint to tail allowing the board to have a tighter turning radius and more control (especially in the pocket). A favorite of the smaller, more skilled surfer.

    Chem Benzene Top.jpgChem Benzene Bottom.jpg

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    bump bump bump

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    what is the board's volume?

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    They list their latest 6'2 version of it at 29.9L but it's also 19" x 2.5". My calculations for the dims you provided have it at 27L.

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    I would agree with emass the volume is close to 27L I got this for good winter surf but it is just a little too small for me I am 6'2" 190

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    Bump Bump...price now $300

    link to craigslist:

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    I've got this board, great ride. Not a lot of volume, but just enough for me at 5'8", 165lbs for 3'+ days. Good luck with the sale.