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Thread: Pattern change

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    Pattern change

    Pattern change? Whats the long range look like.


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    Big time pattern change from the beginning of the month. Instead of warm southerly flow, and small to moderate S wind swell events, were getting cold, NW flow and flatness on the east coast...

    During the beginning of the winter, there was a strong el nino influence that produced a lot of systems moving up from the Gulf. Now were looking at a large upper level Canadian Low thats producing cold westerly flow. Unfortunately, it looks like this pattern will hold at least for another week.

    The one exception on the east coast, which really likes the NW flow, is south florida. Strong NW winds can often produce steep N swell that sneaks through the narrow passage way in between the Bahamas and the East Florida coast. I dont see anything too exciting for SoFL at the moment tho.