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    Saw Suicidal Tendencies twice in my younger, Thrasher Skate days.

    Which reminds of a funny story. We used to get to shows five hours early and do our version of "tailgating," Altering our minds and bodies with various chemicals and then bombing around the parking lot and the surrounding businesses on our boards.
    We were all skating a bank and a ramp, which was next to another bank, the FDIC kind. My friend, Dirt, flew down the ramp, launched off the bank and flew into the FDIC bank and stuck his board through the bank's front window. His board stuck there, through the glass up to his front trucks.
    We grabbed the board, skated away and hid behind the venue where ST was going to perform. No Alarms, No Cops, No nothing. after about a half hour we went back to skating and drinking, a little less boisterously keeping the bank in sight. NO cops ever came.
    Probably should have put this in the Sketchy Thread.

    Doesn't matter, I'll probably get hit by a car anyways.

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    good stuff guys. see a bunch of stuff i listen to and some stuff i need to check out. keep them coming. album of the day for me is "Into the Dojo"- the Black Seeds. If you like roots, rock, funk, reggae, you'll love these guys.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    For my purposes of rocking some air drums and getting fired up for ____________.
    Been putting this on when its time to put my 2 year old son to bed. Kid just loves music - Coltrane just mesmerizes him after some warm milk and books about trucks.

  4. is it weird that I feel awkward watching close ups of people singing in music videos?

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    Here's whats been on the ole hi-fi today...

    Lee Perry: The Return of Sound System Scratch
    Brand X: Morrocan Roll
    Dennis Bovell/Steve Mason: Ghosts Outside
    King Crimson: Red
    William Orbit: Strange Cargo 3

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    Irish folk songs, 40's era "tube music", 60's folk.

    On that note I am going to listen to Marrakesh Express by Crosby, Stills & Nash

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    Punching Latex Dummys in Barns
    Incubus-Morning View album plus 1

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    Their lyrics are brilliant and they are great musicians too! Lol

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    Ive been listening to PJB's theme song:

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    Some great bands. I'm all over the map with the huge shuffle.
    For a great heavy band hit up Lollipop Lust Kill
    Was diggin David Gilmour's solo stuff on the subway today
    Anything by Type O Negative
    I was late to them but Fugazi is brilliant
    Liking Volbeat too.