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    Boards For Sale - NJ

    7S Superfish 6'3 x 20.5 x 2.5 Poly. Used by my son so definitely in need of repairs. A little work would get u a good, cheap board. $50.00 (SOLD)
    JS Paraletic 5'10 x 18 1/8 x 2.0 Epoxy with carbon rails. Very Good Condition. Since very low volume probably best for a smaller surfer under 150 lbs. $150.00 firm
    Octane 5'10 x 18 3/8 x 2 7/16 Quad - Poly (Shaped in Florida) Good Condition, no repairs needed. My sons board. $ 75.00 All located in South/Central Jersey.
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    Hey shapers, I've got a question. I'm curious about the wings on the Superfish above. Usually when I see them they are used to pull the tail in and taper it faster. But, on this board they look like they are just notched into the rail line. Any insight into the pros/cons of this design?

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    Same reason just a more subtle execution. They also serve as a release point for water flow to loosen up the tail.

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    7s are such crappy board good luck selling that one. but who made that second board btw?

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    bump. price drop

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    bump - no takers? Need these out of my basement.

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    I rented that 7S down in Barbados. Rode it as a quad and it was a blast on the waist to head high surf I was riding. Kinda like a fun board; it keeps the speed but has a little more maneuverability. I'm not looking for a board, but I'd recommend it for those looking as a middle step between fun board and short board, or for mellow days if you're primarily a short board rider.

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    PM'd you...

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    7S sold. Just need takers on the other two. Good boards for the price.

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    A lot of interest in JS but board best for a small rider under 150 lbs.