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    I have a 5'11 that does not preform well in over chest high. It's too buoyont I always think, damn if It was a half inch thinner it would be my all around goto. Not saying this isn't a bad idea, not saying it is. But I will say... A half in. Can make a difference, undoubtedly, in some cases.
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    The thing that makes it is its thicker than most for his size and wider through the whole board there's a little more total volume than he needs I don't know how wide/thick the tail is but if its too much then he could have a whole other problem by having a "shortboard" that floats on the waves instead of cutting through them which when it's bigger with push you want to be able to cut through

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    Down at school I'm riding a 5'7"x19.25"x2.37" that works great, the thing about the Kechele is it's got a lot of volume throughout, so it's real hard for me to duck dive and rather tough to maneuver. @Paperplate, I mostly surf down in Newport so I'll let you know if the blanks are the decision I go with