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    Quote Originally Posted by NCSurfs View Post
    yahhhh VB sucks at 1st street. people paddling on top of each other for shin high waves and wave storms flying every which way. NC alll day!
    macaroni chicharroni will be so insulted by our insights.....hang ten, the old fruitcake will be posting mas mas mas about how witty he is, as he takes shots at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dyldo View Post
    I feel like every thread turns into a bunch of people battling as hard as they can to get their point across. Save that energy for the water. Who cares what you think. I live in North Jersey. South Jersey people are great people. So are VA beach people, and NC people. We all share a favorite past time of surfing. Like Jerry said, Can't we all just get a-bong?"
    D!ck Bong. Look him up. Change your name out of sheer respect, sparky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandblasters View Post
    virginia beach :they drop in, paddle out in packs and destroy the ecosystem, flood the outer banks

    new jersey: do roids, fist pump to claim a wave, wear gold chains to attract sharks. have names like polly(jetty) Williams tony(beachbar) soprano

    who will win you decide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfrr View Post
    A while back someone posted a video of first st in the summer with like 100 summer pros fighting for wind chop. I could be mistaken and it might have been SoCal but I'm pretty sure it was VB. Guys were putting on a clinic for worst etiquette. I've tried to find it by searching through old forums but I gave up. Man that video was great though.
    This one was under the Forum Reunion thread in Nov. May not be the one you're talking about. It's at Trestles. One of my favorites.

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    Anytime one of these jokers PADDLE out!