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    damn cheech, lets make it happen!

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    I was looking for flights last month for the 1st of the year, (weed totally legal then) and found several flights under 300 bucks. and that's leaving Friday nite and returning the Sunday nite .
    Is it true there's a reefer vending machine there? If they had one of those in Jersey someone would be driving down the road with that thing in the back of their iroc z.

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    There's a 25% tax on weed but the prices are ok. Fatties for 8 bucks for top shelf. then there's the edibles. Fly in for a weekend, grab some lozenges and a blunt and wander the airport looking at the murals.
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    Iwas looking at other items on the site for the mural pics and got here,

    check out #34. geebus, she probably could break brass bolts with scrunch

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    Weed vending machines? That's brilliant!!! I may have to rethink my plans.

    I've been to Wildcat. Killer views and we got dumped on there....maybe a foot or a little more. Hit Bretton Woods while up that way too.

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    Snowboarding, not just for humans.